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Did you say 'Edible Cookie Dough'?

Welcome to Out The Dough (OTD for short)

Here we will talk about all things cookie dough, family, running a small business and everything in between.

We are a small, family-run business with Mom - Jill & son - Angelo.

Our passion is to serve you the best cookie dough products on the market and it's what gets us out of bed every morning (or maybe our alarm clock telling us to go make more cookie dough).

We created The Cookie Chronicles to "sprinkle" your mind with all things cookie dough, to be an inviting place that includes personal insights, fun anecdotes and great dessert ideas! Throughout this new journey, our goal is to provide you with a raw glimpse of the inner workings of cookie dough and the mission behind Out The Dough:

"To provide you with a nostalgic dessert experience."

Our hope is you will be informed, entertained and maybe a little hungry after reading our blog.

Take some time to enjoy the dough! 🤎🍪

(& be sure to stay tuned on Instagram @outthedough for all updates & new happenings in-store & in our company)


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