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Out The Dough

Out The Dough was born from the realization of a new emerging dessert in the market place.  With our desire to have our own family-run business that can create a lasting legacy, The Lonardo Family jumped out of the corporate world and into the kitchen. 

Our hope is to provide you with a nostalgic experience of those times when Grandma was in the kitchen baking cookies and you had to sneak a taste of cookie dough! 

Now it's time to bring that nostalgia to your family and the next generation!  

- Jill Lonardo, CFO


Our Products

Out The Dough provides the largest selection of cookie dough products on the market by offering over a dozen perpetual flavors with 2-3 monthly rotating flavors. Every dough is hand-mixed and prepared with the finest ingredients available. We offer gluten-free and vegan doughs – and, depending on the dough, other homemade elements folded in: cinnamon rolls, baklava, caramels, cheesecakes, and more!

We are continuously making changes and testing new recipes to develop new and innovative products.​

Out The Dough is a family-owned operation. We are passionate about providing you with exceptional customer service to make you feel a part of our family, too: we truly believe that every OTD experience should be one-of-a-kind!


No Dyes, Preservatives, or Gimmicks!

Here at Out The Dough, we have made it a point to focus on including locally sourced and wholesome ingredients in each of our products. We don't believe in adding ANY preservatives or dyes to our products, hence why you will never see our cookie doughs or other products with unnatural dyes.

Because our doughs don't contain any of those nasty additives or preservatives, your cookie dough will typically stay fresh for up to three weeks in the refrigerator and up to three months in the freezer...if it will even last that long! #tooyummy #indulge #otd

Come see for yourself & sneak a peek of the action...we're working on creating fun, new products EVERY DAY! Click here for more information or directions to one of our locations!

Small Business

Social Responsibility

Here at OUT THE DOUGH, we are striving to "BAKE" the world a better place! 

We have made it a goal throughout our company to not only provide the nostalgic, culinary-driven experience to each of our guests, but we are set on creating an environment that gives back to our local and surrounding communities.

As a family-owned company, we focus on delivering a helping hand through changing times in as many areas we can. 

We are set on creating a world where not only are we thinking of ways to better our communities, but also striving to provide products and experiences that will have a better, more positive impact in our world.


We want you to have an enjoyable experience. If for any reason you're not satisfied, let us know, and we'll make it right!

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