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​ Discount/Promo Policy 


  • Exclusions and terms apply on all coupons provided by Out The Dough, Inc.

  • Shipping discounts & coupon codes are only redeemable for online purchase(s) made at under our Nationwide Shipping/SHOP online shop webpage (unless otherwise stated).  

  • Coupon codes may be case sensitive and cannot be redeemed for cash. 

  • Coupon codes may or may not apply to all items at checkout and coupon codes may only be valid on orders that reach a specific dollar amount as described in promotional materials. 

  • Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers/promotions/discounts or additional coupon codes. 

  • Any other in-store promotions are subject to terms and conditions set forth by Out The Dough, Inc. 

  • All sales are final as described in these shipping policies and may be held to additional terms as Out The Dough, Inc., sees necessary. 

  • Contact details on any coupons/promotions/discounts can be discussed with our management team using the below contact information. 

Contact and Additional Information:

  • At Out The Dough, we do our best to accommodate the needs of each order, however, we may be limited due to our production schedule and product availability. 

  • We will make every effort to make sure you are satisfied with your Out The Dough, Inc., experience. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, do not hesitate to call us at 925.609.5991 or email us at  We will do our best to address your concerns and needs to make sure you are satisfied with our product. 

For additional questions, please contact us here.

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