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eu; .de), I'm using some VPN solution (Private Internet Access). I'm searching for the solution for quite a long time, but I still can't find a suitable solution. I'm trying to change the settings in PIA to allow access to these sites, but it doesn't work for me. I'd like to change the IP address and VPN (if it's possible to do this) so that I could at least download something. A: I'd recommend using Firefox with the BlockUnencryptedHTTP extension. From the extension page: Open a new tab and start browsing. This extension searches for links to sites with potentially sensitive data, such as passwords and credit card information. When you're viewing a page that it thinks is potentially sensitive data, you'll see the purple lock icon in the URL bar. The icon changes to a green dot when the content is encrypted or when the information is deemed non-sensitive. You may also have the opportunity to customize what sorts of websites the extension can inspect, by selecting the "only inspect pages from these sites" option in the configuration dialog. Note: This extension is not intended for use by people looking for general protection of their data. It may be dangerous to install this extension in an automated fashion. It does not identify every potentially sensitive site on the internet. If you do run across something that is dangerous, you should be able to find a more complete solution for protecting yourself online. 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to medical devices and methods. More particularly, the present invention relates to methods and systems for precisely positioning a medical device at a target site within a body. 1. Related Art Localization of a medical device, such as a catheter or other medical device, in the body is typically performed to ensure that the medical device is inserted into the desired location. A catheter is a flexible tubular medical device with an insertion tube and a corresponding insertion needle. The insertion tube has a distal portion that is inserted into the body. The insertion tube may be rigid or it may be highly flexible. The insertion needle is used to deliver the catheter into the body. Once the catheter is in place, a medical procedure may be performed on the patient. Auscultation is often used to position a catheter within the body. Auscult



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