Cookie Dough Cannolis

Cookie Dough Cannolis

When we thought to ourselves, "What is the best way to incorporate cookie dough into a fun, new dessert but keep it tied to our Italian heritage?"...the Cookie Dough Cannoli was born!

Made from a house-made Italian pizzelle waffle cookie, we roll each cannoli by hand, stuff with our specialty cookie dough flavors & finish them off with an array of toppings!


Please select your Cannoli Pack Size and your flavor choices from the Flavor Collection dropdown list! (flavor information below) (if pack size & flavor collection are not chosen, your order will be automatically refunded and you will need to re-process your order!)


*Default cannoli pack size is 6-pack. No substitutions or replacements will be accepted. Based on our current inventory of cookie dough flavors, we may make a substitution based on current seasonal availability.



Your Cookie Dough DOUGH-serves a little TLC:

  • Store your cookie dough in the fridge immediately upon delivery. Your cookie dough cannolis will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 10 days.


Cannoli Pack Sizes come in the following flavor collections:

  • OTD's Fave Flavors
    • OC - Original Chocolate Chip
    • Jimmies Classic (classic sugar)
    • Cookies N' Cream 
    • Twisted Chocoholic's Dream (dark cocoa + marshmallow fluff)
  • Sugar Cookie Dough Collection
    • Jimmies Classic (classic sugar) 
    • Cookies N' Cream
    • Greek Goddess (baklava cookie dough)
    • Plain Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Cookie Dough Collection
    • OC - Original Chocolate Chip
    • Twisted Chocoholic's Dream (dark cocoa + marshmallow fluff)
    • Grandma's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
    • Cookies N' Cream
  • "The Step Above" Collection
    • Super Secret Snickerdoodle (V) (classic sugar + cinnamon swirl)
    • Twisted Chocoholic's Dream (dark cocoa + marshmallow fluff)
    • What The FLUFF?! (peanut butter cookie dough + marshmallow fluff)
    • (We'll pick our most popular seasonal flavor that we're sure you'll love!)
  • Return/Refund Policy

    All sales are final. There are no returns or exchanges. More info here.

  • Shipping Policy

    Packages are shipped Monday through Wednesday. If an order is placed Wednesday-Sunday, the order may be delayed to ship until Monday.

    Due to weather, holidays, product availability or any other circumstance, packages may be delayed in order to ensure your package arrives fresh on your doorstep.


    Once pacakges are shipped out, an email will be sent to the email on file with an included tracking number and order details. 


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  • FAQs

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  • Allergen Warning

    *Out The Dough products may contain any of the following food allergens: wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, and soy.


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